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  • Bennie Dingo
  • Lane Quigley
  • Al "Cool Daddy" Smith
  • Debbie Snowdove - First Nations Broadcasting
  • Cool Bobby B & The Doo Wop Stop
  • Johnny G & The Cruisin' Show.
  • Ted Quillin and the Quiverin' Quillin Clan.
  • Butchie Boy's Doo Wop Diner Show.
  • Clarke Davis & The Big Show.
  • Steve Propes & the 45 Show.
  • Brian Lee - Rock, bop and doo wop show
  • Bill Green and the Rock and Roll Retrospective Show
  • Pete Chaston's Doo Wop Show.
  • Ken Abruzzi's -- Rockin' Daddy O's - Rockabilly Ranch Party
  • Rick Ward's Rockin' Memories Show.
  • Mike Taylor's Rockabilly Hour Show.
  • Denny Mc Connell and the Music of your mind show
  • Debra Dynamite's Doo Wop Revue - Doo Wop show
  • Gary Larkin's House of Wax Show
  • Jackie Bond's Let the Good Times Roll Rockabilly Hour
  • Trevor Hyland Rock N Roll Dance Party
  • Matt the Cat and the Friday Night Cat Fight.

    Though Rock-it Radio didn't exist until 1995 --- Bennie Dingo and Jammin Jan have teamed up for years. Originally high school sweethearts that stayed in touch with each other and in 1987 got back together. --- They have been together ever since.

    Bennie Dingo back in his earlier days of Radio

    Bennie Dingo with Jammin' Jan today -- See what 30 years in radio can do to a guy!

    Bennie Dingo ---Bennie originally started broadcasting way back in 1980 for 4BC Radio in Brisbane, Australia at that time an oldies station format. In 1995 he got back into radio realizing then that the true 50's and early 60's Rock and Roll was being dismissed by most oldies stations and fading away from playlists. And he began Rock-it Radio and broadcasting on shortwave out of IRRS in Milan, Italy and quickly acquired other affiliates including WRMI in Miami Florida and Palmsradio in Corpus Christi, Texas as well. Since then has converted the back portion of N.O. Farms to operate a studio and has been broadcasting on the internet since 1997. In 2002 has expanded and now also operates on The Rock-it 99.1 FM in Ventura, California as well. Besides collecting Oldies, and sharing them. Bennie enjoys exploring the unbeaten path by 4 wheel driving, explore remote areas and ghost towns of the gold rushes of California and Alaska and the Yukon Territory. He is also a collector of old cars, and a avid fan of the sport of Dogsledding! Really! and of course 45's and 78's from the 1950's.

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    Bennie Dingo with a loyal Rock-it Radio Listener somewhere in Queensland, Australia.
    Bennie Dingo | Create Your Badge
    Bennie Dingo

    Lane Quigley and the Memory Lane Show
    Joined Rock-it Radio in September 1998

    Lane has been a Godsend to the Rock-it --- In his earlier years in College he had a very popular show at KUSC-FM called "the Memory Lane show".
    Lane Joined the Rock-it team in late 1998 and has been doing fantastic shows for us ever since!!! The Rock-it is blessed to have him!! And we hope to have him for a long, long time.
    Want to send Lane a e-mail click here

    Pictured here is a photo of Lane with the famous L.A. DJ Icon Hunter Hancock together they made Rock-it show #197. Probably the most famous of all Rock-it shows. Hunter is credited as being the First DJ ever to have his own show dedicated entirely to "race music" later termed... "Rhythm and Blues". And was a regular on several Los Angeles Radio stations in the 50's and early 60's.

    Lane Quigley with National DJ Icon Casey Kasem.

    Hunter Hancock (Left), Long time L.A. DJ Art Laboe (center) and Lane Quigley (Rt.)

    Lane Quigley with Smokey Robinson.

    Taken in June of 2005 -- Here is Lane Quigley with Bill Haley's Comets. (From Left to Right) Frannie Beecher (guitar); Johnny Grande (keyboard); Joey Ambrose (Tenor Sax); Marshall Lytle (bass fiddle); Dick Richards (drums).

    Lloyd Thaxton of the Mid 60's Dance Show with Lane Quigley in Studio B of Rock-it Radio. Featured in Rock-it Radio show #1654.

    Lane recently interviewed and featured Dee Dee Phelps of Dick and Dee Dee and here she is with Lane inside Rock-it Radio Studio B.

    Rock-it Radio's Lane Quigley with Doo Wop Legend Dion.

    Al "Cool Daddy" Smith -- Brampton, Ontario Canada
    Joined Rock-it Radio in May 2000

    Al "Cool Daddy" Smith from Brampton, Ontario Canada
    Rock-it Radio during a promotion back in April of 2000 looking for record collectors who would like to share there collections over Rock-it Radio was lucky enough to pick up Al, and is now on every month on the Rock-it. In his Bio he states....
    I am a retired school principal with time on my hands and an interest in music that goes back to the '40's. I just turned 60 and I am into record collecting [some 5000 L.P's and about a 1000 CD's at last count. I like jazz and blues ,gospel, country and western as these are the roots of what we play on the Rockit. I and my wife of 36 years are into travelling and just returned from Hawaii last month. I will try to do a few shows each month and send them down. I run 4 miles a day and lift weights in order to be role model to my three kids [all married ,gainfully employed and living away from home!!!!] I hope to be a grandfather some day but have no control over this. I like politics and reading historical literature. I taught History in High School in the 60's.[Now there was a experience.] Collecting and listening to great Rock and RnB has always been a release for me and continues to be so even though the stressful days are behind me.

    Al 'Cool Daddy' Smith inside the famous SUN Recording Studio in Memphis, Tennessee.

    Inside his studio 'C' in Brampton -- Al picks another vinyl favorite to play on Rock-it Radio.

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    Debbie Snowdove --- Is Responsible for all our Northern Links to Alaska and Northern Canada & heads our Sister Station -- First Nations Broadcasting. Thanks to Debbie we are heard all over the Great White North.
    Debbie keeps one of the busiest schedules I have ever known - besides a great female vocalist herself her passion is dogsled racing in the winter and Kayaking in the Summer. She partakes every year and is our link to the Iditarod Dog Sled Race and is also a avid Private Pilot. And she is only 24!!! She has also been working diligently these last few months in sending out Promotions etc. for Rock-it Radio.
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    Debbie Snowdove
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    Check out First Nations Broadcasting.

    Cool Bobby B's Doo Wop Stop
    Joined Rock-it Radio in July 2001

    Pennsylvania, 1957, at precisely Midnight and under a full moon, a shadowy figure breaks the flimsy lock on a "day timer" radio station transmitter room, cranks up the power to 100,000 watts and broadcasts throughout the Eastern Seaboard, Street Corner Harmony Records { later to be known as DOO WOP }. The authorities responded to the panicked calls of the public, but before they could apprehend him, the intruder slipped out the back door and into Rock and Roll History. Legend has it he left behind only a single clue….a cow bell. He remains wanted to this day. It is rumored that same voice can now be heard throughout the United States on the Nationally Syndicated COOL BOBBY B’S DOO WOP STOP.

    When he was only 12 years old, inspired by his idol, Alan Freed, armed with a portable record player and stack of 45 RPM records, using the name BOBBY MANN, Bob began his career by DJ-ing birthday parties and Jr. High sock hops. His classmates dubbed him "COOL" BOBBY. He continued to DJ dances, "sweet sixteen" parties, and Bar Mitzvah’s throughout High School. As a Freshman in College, he worked as a part-time D.J. at Temple University’s WRTI, then full time at WHAT for the balance of his college years. After graduation he was on the air at Philadelphia’s WRCP.
    Shortly after the 1957 incident, unsure exactly when the statute of limitations expired for breaking and entering a federally licensed and operated facility, he fled to Springfield, Missouri. There, he began broadcasting at KTTS under an assumed identity. He also began a short singing career recording as the "real" Bob Steele. Now he is broadcasting to the world via Internet on Rock-it Radio.
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  • Click Here to Check out the Cool Bobby B Website -- The Doo Wop Stop.
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    Johnny G and the Cruisin' Show from Reading, England.
    Joined Rock-it Radio in June 2002.

    I'm John from Reading in the South of England. Born in 1960 and although I have a very wide musical taste I have especially loved 50s music, rockabilly & doo wop in particular, since my teens, even though I'm not old enough to remember it first time round. I'm constantly discovering "new" recordings - new to me anyway. Unfortunately, despite there being so many unheard records out there, there is very little outlet for them. I have never been in the music industry, or even been a DJ before (apart from the stream I used to run on Live365). I just enjoy these records and it's fun sharing them with others who appreciate this great music. Interesting radio is not much heard these days either. Thankfully the internet is changing that, and with great sites like Rock-It we can now hear individual personalities playing their own musical taste. Hope you enjoy my "Cruisin' " shows on Rock-It. I have an ever-growing music collection so you never know what I might turn up next!

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    John Greenwood
    John Greenwood
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    Jammin' Jan -- of Rock-it Radio.

    Jammin' Jan is now volunteering for Rock-it Radio and does what she can here at the station and replies to many of the e mails received here at Rock-it Radio. She is also the one filling the orders and customer relations from the Rock-it Radio Store.
    She will also guest in various Rock-it Shows. She is also an accomplished Potter and Artist (She is the designer of the Rock-it Radio Logo). Besides the Rock-it and Pottery --
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    Click here to check out Jammin' Jan's Myspace webpage.

    July 15th - 2004 - Jammin' Jan begins her premiere broadcast of Jammin' Jan's Rockabilly Juke Joint Jamboree at Studio A of Rock-it Radio.

    Butchie Boys Doo Wop Diner show
    From the Central Coast of Lompoc, California-- Joined with Rock-it Radio in October 1, 2003.

    C.W. "Butchie Boy" Olmstead is a Doo-wop oldies lover, aficionado and DJ who lives in the Central California Coast of Lompoc, California.
    "... I suffer from an illness for which I seek no cure! " ( says Butchie ) "...You may be familiar with it. The Sweet Heartbreak of Nostalgia & passion for Doo-wop oldies! I've loved all sorts of music over the years... from country to classical. I even suffered under the temporary delusion that all R&B and rock had reached its crest in the mid-to-late sixties, via such as The Beatles, Hendrix and Led Zeppelin et al. - But found that none has "struck-the-chord" and stayed with me like Doo-Wop. I was between the ages of 6 and 16 when groups like "The Volumes", "The Flamingos" and "The Skyliners" were inspiring hearts about love, loyalty and pure-hearted romance! Innocence and hope ( however naive! ) that is all but barren from the music-scape today. "Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers" were singing- "...Come on baby lets go downtown!", - to which I still chime-in to this day... "...What! We aint left yet!?"
    Click here to E Mail Butchie Boy.

    Click here to go to Butchie Boy's Myspace personal website

    Makes yah Drool Doesn't it!!! Butchie's Rock-it Ride! Just acquired in September 2004 Butchie's '49 Merc!

    Clarke Davis with The Big Show
    From his own Studios in New Jersey-- Clarke joined with Rock-it Radio in October 17, 2003.

    Clarke Davis at his studios in Dover, New Jersey.

    Clarke Davis with United Group Harmony Association Icon -- Ronnie I.

    Clarke Davis in his Sunday Best !!!

    Clarke Davis at the studios of WXOZ as Dr. Boogie.

    Clarke Davis does an electic, high energy show incorporating elements of Top 40 Radio from the Golden Days of the late 50's and early 60's. Drawing upon his wealth of musical recordings, Clarke brings music and jingles together to create the illusion of an AM radio station back in the day. Broadcasting from just thirty five miles outside of New York City, Clarke recreates the light-hearted mood that commercial radio seems to have all but forgotten about. In the old days, the music mix was all over the map, within just a few seconds of each other. So you will hear rockabilly right next to doowop separated by a quick eight second jingle, just like they used to do back when. This translates into a fast paced listening experience that just pulls you in, and keeps you rockin' during the entire show. Requests and dedications for future shows can be emailed to So if Top 40 Radio back in the day was something you enjoyed, tune in to "The Rock n' Roll Radio Reunion" featuring the music of the Fabulous Fifties, and Spectacular Sixties. It's the Big Show! with Clarke Davis
    Click here to E Mail Clarke Davis @ The Big show.

    .........Clarke Davis
    Clarke Davis
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    Steve Propes - Avid 45's Collector and DJ and Author.
    Joined the Rock-it Team on February 19, 2004

    Steve Propes has been collecting 45s since 1960 and listening to R&B/R&R...well, since there's been R&B/R&R. In L.A., that goes back to the days of Hunter Hancock, Huggy Boy and Johnny Otis. In 1973, Steve wrote "Those Oldies But Goodies," the first guide to R&R record collecting and values and two similar books during that decade. In 1981, Steve began the long-running radio show, R&R&R&B on KLON FM88 Long Beach/Los Angeles. That show lasted until 1990 and revisited the station in 1993 and 1994. In the intervening years he's continued to collect 45s, has cowritten (with Jim Dawson), "What Was The First Rock & Roll Record" and their latest, "45 RPM, the History, Heroes and Villains of A Pop Music Revolution" as well as the very specific "L.A. R&B Vocal Groups, 1945 to 1965" (with Galen Gart), which is now sold out. He lives in Long Beach with his wife Sylvia, several pets, his 35,000 plus collection of 45s and works part time as a reporter for a local newspaper, writes for collector's magazines is working on a novel (a thriller) about a long time disc jockey named "Smoggy Radio" and does an occasional cable TV Show called "Rock & Roll House Party," and a weekly 9-11 a.m. (pt) show on

    Steve Propes and Dick Blackburn having fun at the WPMD studios producing another show for Rock-it Radio
    Click here for the New 45 Show Blog Site!

    Click here to the Rock-it Store to order one of Steve's Books.

    Click here to send an E Mail to Steve Propes.
    welcome him aboard the Rock-it.

    Ted Quillin
    Joined the Rock-it Team on September 4, 2004

    Ted Quillin on KFWB – Los Angeles Circa 1960.

    The Mighty Ted Quillin today here on Rock-it Radio.

    The following is a direct excerpt from the book “Los Angeles Radio People” by Don Barrett, published by db marketing Company in 1995.
    Quillin, Ted: KFWB, 1958-1961; KRLA 1962-64; KEZY 1966-68; KFI 1969; KFOX 1969-1971; XPRS in 1972. Born in Oklahoma City, Ted was part of the original “Seven Swingin’ gentleman: at Chuck Blore’s historic Color Radio” on KFWB January 2, 1958. Ted left Oklahoma before graduating from the Texas College of Mines and Metallurgy (now UTEP). As one talk’s with T.Q. It is impossible to miss his “attitude determines desired altitude.” His communcation motivation seminars have been successful for decades: “Learn one magic trick that will change your life, personally and financially forever:. During the 1950’s his “people pleasing personality: took him through a number of Texas radio and television stations. It was at KELP – El Paso that his fortunes would leapfrog to California. The program director at KELP was Chuck Blore. When Chuck got the call to program KFWB, T.Q. was the only personality he took with it. From his home in Las Vegas Ted explained, “during the all night time, Chuck didn’t care what I played, so I flavored the rock music with lots of blues; in fact I called it “Blues for Breakfast”. It was during this time Ted and Ritchie Valens became good friends. “He used to visit me at my home and in the KFWB Studios. I became sort of a big brother/ consultant to Ritchie. He was a shy person and had a little trouble handling admiring throngs”. When Elvis got out of the Army, KFWB wanted to bring him to the LA Coliseum and they asked Ted to help since Ted knew Elvis. Ted continues the story, “I was given a certified check in the amount of $100,000. And flew to Memphis. I hung out with Elvis for Four days at Graceland. Colonel Parker wasn’t sure if Elvis would perform, but we had a good time in Memphis with Elvis.” By 1972, Ted was, as he put it, “at the intersection of walk and don’t walk. I had to get out of the fast lane.” During his time in Los Angeles he appeared in many of the Warner Bros. TV series, such as “77 Sunset Strip”, and with Debbie Reynolds in “My Six Loves”. He said he still gets residual checks for $5.00. He settled for a slower lane in Las Vegas and immediately went to work at KORK, where he was the morning star on radio and host of the afternoon TV movie. He eventually opened his own advertising agency, which he ran for over 20 years. He taught for years at Las Vegas City College. Always optimistic, T.Q. summed up his life with another “truism”, saying, “The road to success is always under construction”. Rock-it Radio is extremely pleased to have such a fine gentleman with this much great knowledge here on Rock-it Radio.

    Ted Quillin in the late 60's promo sheet from XEPRS Radio.

    Ted Quillin in the Western Movie -- The Lawman

    Ted Quillin with Johnny Hayes back in the KRLA days in 1968.
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    Brian Lee
    Joined the Rock-it Team on February 13, 2005

    Brian Lee at his studios at KVMR -

    Brian Lee with Rock,Bop And Doo Wop I'm Brian Lee and I am originally from Los Angeles where I started collecting records in the late 60's. I moved to Northern California in the mid 80's and have been a broadcaster since 1987 on KVMR-FM, a local community radio station In Nevada City, California. I have always loved the music of the 50's and early 60's, and on Rock-it Radio I spin R+B, Doo Wop, rockabilly, Rock And Roll, instrumentals and just about everything in-between.
    I bring a high energy fast moving pace to the show and completely enjoy doing it. I'm a big fan of the color radio format of the 50's and 60's and am an avid record collector, with a hobby gone out of control with records everywhere. Just try and find available closet space in my house. If you do, it's next to the bed I sleep on in my garage!

    Click here to check out Brian Lee's own personal website.

    Tune into Brian Lee's Saturday Evening show from 4 to 6 P.M. Pacific Time (U.S.) on KVMR - Nevada City, California.

    Click here to send an E Mail to: Brian Lee

    Brian Lee
    Brian Lee
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    Bill Green -- The Rock and Roll Retrospective Show

    Bill Green Receives a reward from Jammin' Jan of Rock-it Radio.

    For over ten years Bill Green has co-hosted many Memory Lane shows with Lane Quigley here on Rock-it Radio. Bill and Lane bring you the annual East vs. West and North vs. South music battles where songs are paired off and listeners vote for their favorite round by round. In July, 2008 Bill joined the Rock-it D J ranks full time with his Rock 'n Roll Retrospective show where he plays all the songs from the unknown to the unforgettable. Bill grew up in New Jersey listening to such great DJs as Alan Freed, Jocko Henderson, and Murray the K. After hearing the 48 hour syndicated broadcast 'The History of Rock and Roll' in the late sixties he decided to become a DJ. For several years in the early seventies Bill hosted a Saturday night Oldies program on WCRV in Northwest New Jersey. But now we are thrilled to have him here on Rock-it Radio.

    Click here if you would like to send Bill an E Mail

    Pete Chaston's -- Doo Wop Show

    Pete Chaston and his Doo Wop Show - Joined Rock-it Radio on the 18th of January, 2006.

    PETE CHASTON grew up in New York City during the original doo-wop era, listening to Alan Freed on the radio, going to the rock'n'roll shows to see and hear the doo-wop groups, and singing on the street corner with his friends.
    Pete has had doo-wop radio shows in Upstate New York, and for eight years on KCXL radio in Kansas City. He also will now have his doo-wop show on Rock-it Radio in Ventura, California.
    Pete Chaston's goal is to help bring the enjoyment of doo-wop music to all, including its introduction to new generations.
    Professionally, Pete Chaston is a meteorologist, having been director of a National Weather Service office in Rochester, New York and also having run a training program that teaches meteorologists how to forecast. He developed a snow forecasting technique that is now used by weather forecasters to forecast amounts of snow.
    Pete has written five books of weather, which are used by the nation's colleges. Pete and his cousin Walt also formed a group, Chaston & Groditski, recording funny and almost insane and outlandish songs on several CDs, which routinely are played on comedy music programs such as the Dr. Demento Show.
    But doo-wop music remains a passion, and it is with great joy that we bring The Pete Chaston Doo-Wop Show to Rock-it Radio.

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    Pete Doo-Wop
    Pete Doo-Wop
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    Ken Abruzzi and the Rockin' Daddy-O's Rockabilly Ranch Party

    Ken Abruzzi and the "Rockin' Daddy-O's Rockabilly Ranch Party - Joined Rock-it Radio on the 7th of April, 2007

    Ken Abruzzi, aka DJ Rockin' Daddy-O has been into Good Rockin' Music since he was a teenager. He has a vast record collection covering not just Rockabilly, but also Real R n B and Doo Wop. On his Rock-it Radio Show, Rockin' Daddy-O's Rockabilly Ranch Party, Ken will be spinning the best of classic 1950's Rockabilly, alongside the best of today's Rockabilly scene, like Big Sandy and Wildfire Willie. "This is a way of life" says Abruzzi, who shares a 1950's style Jersey Shore apartment with his lovely fiancee, Rockabilly Songtress Debra Dynamite. "We live the life we love, and love the life we live." "We don't have cable TV, who needs it, we don't even have the TV hooked up to watch regular TV...I mean who cares about American Idol when you can watch the Collins Kids every night." Ken has been DJing for a long time . He's done radio spots on the RnB Revue (WFUV), RnB Serenade(WRHU), along with doing Bars and clubs in NYC like The Slipper Room, Motor City Bar, Union Pool, and Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park, NJ. He's DJ'd at Venues such as "Big City After Dark", "Mad Daddy Mondays", "Get Hot or Go Home" and "Viva Las Vegas". "I just love to play good rockin' music for people....get 'em dancin', you know." When I get a full dance floor of people doing 'The Stroll', I, know I'm doing my job", says Abruzzi, who also helped DJ Miss Wolff's Jiving classes at Viva Las Vegas # 8 and #9. So, dig it, get ready for "Rockin' Daddy-O's Rockabilly Ranch Party" here at rock-it radio... Put your Cat Clothes on, buff up your Blue Suede Shoes, put some Murray's or Royal Crown in your hair, and as Elvis would say, "Let's Get Real Real Gone For a Change"

    Click here if you would like to send Rockin' Daddy O an E Mail or request.

    Rick Ward and the Rick Ward's Rockin' Memories Show

    Pictured here Rick Ward the Adonis of Internet Radio - Along with his lovely Sidekick Judy 'The Beauty'.
    Rick Ward and the Rockin' Memories Show - Joined Rock-it Radio on the 27th of August, 2007

    Rick joined Rock-it Radio and had his premiere broadcast on the 27th of August in Rock-it Radio show #2219. The Self Proclaimed Adonis of Internet Radio -- We were lucky to get Rick aboard Rock-it Radio thru the help of his long time broadcast buddy and fellow Rock-it Radio DJ -- Lane Quigley. Once you hear your show I know you will be hooked.
    Rick Ward has a rich radio history himself starting his career in 1960 as the Producer of the Alan Freed Radio show on KDAY when Mr. Freed came out to the West Coast. And later producing Wolfman Jack shows from XPRS 1090 AM that blanketed the Southern Portion of the U.S. at night with there huge 150,000 Watt signal. And of course what was on after Wolfman Jack on XPRS?? Well that was the Ricky Ward show of course! Today Rock-it Radio is very pleased to have him aboard and joining our ranks here at Rock-it Radio. His shows are a joy to listen to and his lovely wife Judy makes his shows all the much better! Rick and Judy are an A+ Act here on Rock-it Radio and we try to start the week off right by having them do the first show of every week.

    Click here if you would like to send Rick Ward an E Mail or request.

    Mike Taylor -- Branson, Missouri
    Joined Rock-it Radio in July 2000

    Mike Taylor pictured in front of the famous Sun Record Studio in Memphis, Tenn.

    I guess you could call me a born again rocker, I grew up with the music of the late 50s and early 60s, then around 1970 I just lost interest--started with Elvis and ended with Credence Clearwater Revival. Then about a year and a half ago I stumbled across Rock-it Radio on the net. I still recall the show --- #136. Among others Bennie played Lorrie Collins' "Heartbreak" and Wanda Jackson's "Riot in Cell Block #9" It was like somebody flipped a switch -- suddenly I couldn't get enough of the old stuff. I did my first show about a year ago. And have been having a ball ever since sharing my renewed interest with the listeners.
    I'm now a hardcore Rockabilly fan, especially of the ladies of the 50s, whose contributions have been virtually ignored. As you can see in the picture I recently made a pilgrimage to the shrine of rock and roll -- Sun Records. My wife Barbara and I live in Chesterfield, Missouri a suburb of St. Louis, with extremely spoiled dogs and a collection of old music that threatens to outgrow it's assigned space.

    Click here to E Mail Mike Taylor!
    Mike would greatly appreciate any feedback on his shows and requests and dedications so drop him a note and tell him you heard him on Rock-it Radio!

    Denny McConnell and the Music of your Mind show
    Joined Rock-it Radio on January 25, 2008

    Denny McConnell (left) with Lewis Lymon of the Teenagers backstage at the 2007 Doo Wop Convention

    Denny McConnell joined the Rock-it Radio team in January of 2008. But actually met with Rock-it Radio during the 2nd Annual Cool Bobby B Doo Wop Convention where Denny was working. Denny hails from Reading, Pennsylvania and has an extensive collection of 50's Doo Wop and Rock and Roll and will be a welcome addition to the ranks of Rock-it Radio.

    Click here to E Mail Denny McConnell
    Denny also has a mobile DJ service called 'Music to you'
  • Click here to check out the Music to you webpage.

    Click here for the Music to You Blog

    Debra Dynamite - Doo Wop Review
    Joined Rock-it Radio in the 3 November, 2008 Issue of the Rock-it Radio Weekly Newsletter

    On 3 November, 2008 Debra Dynamites Doo Wop Review show aired with great listenership and enthusiasm she was immeditately offered a position here at Rock-it Radio from her one pilot broadcast that was released as Rock-it Radio show #2764. Debra Dynamite Abruzzi has been a fan of Doo-Wop since she was a little girl. Her father was in an accapella Doo-Wop group called "Yorke and the Actuals" when he was a teenager, and Debra's interest in the music has stemmed from that. Debra is married to Ken Abruzzi, Rock-It Radio's own DJ Rockin' Daddy-O whose show is the ever cool Rockabilly Ranch Party. She is a vocalist who is greatly influenced by Frankie Lymon, Ruth Brown, and Laverne Baker to mention a few. Debra is a cosmetologist by day, performer by night. She is pleased and honored to be a member of the Rock-It Radio family. God Digs Doo-Wops!

    Click here if you wish to send Debra an e mail.

    Debra Dynamite with Rockin' Daddy O Ken Abruzzi with The Fiestas back stage.

    Debra Dynamite singing 'I need a man' at the Rodeo Bar in New York City.

    Gary Larkin and the House of Wax Show
    Joined Rock-it Radio in the 7 July, 2009.

    On the lucky date of 7 July, 2009 being the lucky number 7 and lucky for Rock-it Radio that we were able to acquire the long running popular Radio Show and Radio Host DJ Gary Larkin and the 'House of Wax Show' along with the 'Music for Lovers Show'. Gary has been a long time staple of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania radio and oldies with a wealth of oldies information. Gary has been a Disc Jockey since the age or 16 and has graduated from two different Broadcast schools. For 3 years in a row he received the #1 Jock in Pittsburgh, Pa. from 1977, 1978 and 1979. from Billboard Magazine. Gary has worked over the years at WMBA, WARO, WNUF, WZUM, WCCS and was also the music director for two of these east coast oldies stations. Gary is now semi retired for the last 6 years but like the eveready energizer bunny he keeps going and going and going and we are thrilled to have him aboard here at Rock-it Radio. Gary was listed in the Disc Jockey Hall of Fame as one of the Best Disc Jockeys of the 70's and now he's back here on Rock-it Radio!
    Click here if you wish to send Gary an e mail.
    Click here to check out Gary's Google Group -- For wrinkled Rockers.

    Jackie Bond and the Let the Good Times Roll Rockabilly Hour
    Joined Rock-it Radio in the 23 September, 2009.

    Hi, I'm Jackie Bond from Harrow, England. I have probably been the best DJ in our street for over 40 years producing great rock 'n' roll shows for Penny my long suffering wife and our children, Donna and Lee.
    Donna does a u-turn if she hears Sleepy LaBeef coming from the speakers and Lee liked the music so much he packed up and moved to Melbourne.
    The big breakthrough came two years ago with the introduction of Jackie Bond (my adopted DJ name) and the 'Let the Good times Roll' Radio Show a monthly show on Community Radio.
    I have been a listener's club member of Rock-it Radio for many years and when I read that Rock-it Radio were looking for a rockabilly DJ, I hoped that this was a chance to play some more great music on the airways.
    I have a passion for live rockin' music and I have been fortunate to see almost every visitor to these shores since the late 50's, Gene Vincent, Johnny Carroll, Duane Eddy, the list is endless. I believe that if we're true followers of rock n roll, rhythm and blues, doo wop and rockabilly we should do our best to support and keep this great music alive.
    For this reason I am so pleased to be given the opportunity to bring 'Let the Good Times Roll' - (The Rockabilly version) to Rock-it Radio.
    I hope you enjoy the shows.

    Click here if you wish to send Jackie Bond an e mail.

    Trevor Hyland and the Rock and Roll Dance Party
    Joined Rock-it Radio in Jaunary of 2010!

    For 20 + years Trevor Hyland has been presenting Rockabilly and Rock 'N' Roll shows on various radio stations in Bendigo , Victoria, Australia.
    Trevor presents two Rock 'N' Roll Shows both called Rock 'N' Roll Dance Party on the No 1 50's, 60's 70's Station in Central Victoria KLFM 96.5 & 106.3 FM . Trev has always supported and given airtime to new and emerging acts from Europe, U.S.A. and Australia. Trevor has a particular passion for Sun Records and remembers listening to the Rock 'N' Roll invasion of the 50's . He remembers vividly hearing ( while walking to school ) in 1959 the news bulletin detailing the loss of The Three Stars.
    Trev was listening when it Happened. And now if it ROCKS he plays it here on Rock-it Radio!
    Shazam! Shazam! Click here to E Mail Trevor.

    Matt The Cat and the Friday Night Cat Fight

    Matt The Cat joined Rock-It Radio in April of 2010, after over 20 years in broadcast radio. Matt jumped and jived nightly on XM Satellite Radio’s 50s channel, hosting “The Night Prowl Show” for over seven years.
    One of the most popular features from the ol’ XM show was “The Friday Night Cat Fight,” where 2 or more artists battle it out over the same song and the listeners get to choose a winner.
    On the radio, the phone lines would get jammed and votes would get missed, but now that the show is on RockIt and the internet, all can vote for their favorite version of a song over at
    Matt has interviewed some of the greatest rock n’ roll icons from Lloyd Price and Big Jay McNeely to Sonny Burgess, Dale Hawkins, Johnny Maestro, Aaron Neville and James Burton. His show features a great mixture of blues, R&B, rock n’ roll, rockabilly and doo wop with a whole lotta personality and information. Give him a listen and go prowlin’ with Matt The Cat.

    Click here to E Mail Matt The Cat

    Click here to check out Matt The Cat's own personal webpage.

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