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Here's your Oct 15th, 2009 update..

96.1 has been activated and has now moved to a much higher tower at Rodd Field and Saratoga. (Yes that's the one with the white strobe on it during the daytime..)

To reset what we already know, Palmsradio is broadcasting on an SCA channel of a local FM translator station. The station is licensed to Flour Bluff. It operates on 96.1 MHz and has commenced regular operation. It provides a good SCA signal over all of Flour Bluff and SCA coverage on Padre Island is encouraging.

A As you know, SCA requires a special radio. We will have these radios available for purchase for less than the charge for a month of cable, very soon. Or you can purchase the one we recommend here.
These are the radios we use here at the station.
As you know, there is NOT a subscription fee or recurring charge for Palmsradio. It works just like your existing radio. (In fact, if we ever fail to entertain or inform you, a PALMSRADIO receives regular AM & FM stations.)
And there is MORE good news. There is currently a petition before the FCC to allow translators to locally originate programming, which would eliminate the need for the SCA radio. The Rule Number is RM-11331. Feel free to comment to the FCC if you'd like to see this modification passed.

Click here to Listen
That's all for now. There's bigger things in the future as well. You can call us at (361)-939-9792.
Thanks for your continued moral support.
We're for real. And we're on the air NOW.
Look for all the details to be worked out soon.


BTW did you know about Padre Island Digital TV?

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